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One of the World’s Most Unique Watch Concepts — Astrological Watches: SEAH® Brings Personality to the Wrist

We’ve written about this Swiss-made brand before. We’ve even reviewed these timepieces. Incredibly well made and beautifully crafted for men and women, SEAH® watches hold a full patent for their unique design. The watches are all inspired in design by astrology, and offer the wearer a quiet, personal statement. This year the brand (whose name…

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Around the World: Girard-Perregaux supports World Oceans Day

By Samantha Walsh In NYC last week, Susan and David Rockefeller partnered with luxury Swiss watch brand Girard-Perregaux in a grand celebration for World Oceans Day.  This event, attended by everyone from actors, to mos, to watch-rs, and environmental conservationists brought together seemingly dissimilar groups all with one common goal, to celebrate the world’s valuable…

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