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Time Capsules: Product — Women’s Watches – the Ebel Onde

It’s no secret that Atimelyperspective.com has a host of female readers. We’re proud of that. There is nothing stating that a savvy woman can’t love a watch. In fact, quite the opposite—women need to be aware of timepieces both as statements of personality and achievement, and as status symbols.  As such, we remain steadfast in…

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Around the World: Rado Celebrates Release of HyperChrome

Last week, Rado paid tribute to its cool new HyperChrome Monobloc cased watch – on a sail in New York’s Harbor, taking privileged guests pretty up close and personal with the Statue of Liberty and offering some breathtaking New York City views that almost rivaled the look of watches. High-tech ceramic is what Rado is…

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Around the World: Breguet Unveils Anniversary Reine de Naples in Italy

A few days ago, Atimelyperspective.com was invited by Breguet to attend the very exclusive unveiling of the anniversary Reine de Naples watch and jewelry suite. The occasion marks the 10th anniversary of the brand’s creation of the Reine de Naples line, and the 200th anniversary of the first wristwatch ever made. It was in 1810…

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