A look at some luxury categories outside the watch industry that have collectors clamoring, including spirits, wine, cars, art, cigars and more.

Weekend Sojourn: Hurricane Sandy Lingers, Watch Brands Reach Out

Exactly three weeks ago, Hurricane Sandy ravished the tri-state area. In New Jersey today, families who own beach houses at the Jersey Shore are allowed to visit their town, assess the damage, do what they have to do and leave in a few hours’ time. I know families who have lost entire homes at the…

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Weekend Sojourn: TAG Heuer Donates to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts and other Charities in NYC with Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio at Museum of Natural History

Last night, we spent several hours at New York’s Museum of Natural History at an elegant charity event hosted by TAG Heuer. Initially, I was adverse to going to this event, as I felt that with all the hurricane clean-up to be done, it wasn’t necessarily the right time for a party. I was wrong…

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Weekend Sojourn: Swatch Blum Collection Book

With the New York TimeCrafters 2012 exhibition coming up this week, Swatch chose this as the perfect time to launch the Swatch Blum Book Limited Collection. The book, available in stores and online at store.swatch.com beginning this month ($40 each), will also be available at the Swatch Blum exhibition at TimeCrafters.  The limited edition, beautifully…

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