Wristwatches that cost less than $5,000.

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Imagine a Time When Your Jewelry Tracks Your Activity: Introducing Swarovski Activity Tracking for Women

This entire past week, we devoted time to covering the smart watch, the connected watch and the activity watch – in all its versions. This type of technology is here to stay, and is infiltrating and different walks of life. In fact, at BaselWorld 2015, Swarovski, the brand devoted to creating stunning branded Austrian crystal…

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Affordable Watches: SmartWatch meets Fashion Watch, Introducing Guess Connect

Smartwatch Week continues as take a lo at  the Guess Connect watch. With this watch, we continue to see a recurring pattern of partnerships between traditional watchmakers and tech-savvy brands. In this case, Guess has teamed up with Martian Watches, an award-winning developer of fashionable smart watches. It is an interesting partnership that yields a very Guess-like…

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