A look at some luxury categories outside the watch industry that have collectors clamoring, including spirits, wine, cars, art, cigars and more

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Car And Art Lovers Get Unique Opportunity To See Warhol At Petersen Automotive Museum

Warhol Cars Series Exhibit at Petersen Automotive Museum

  Somebody really put their collective creative hats on for the newest exhibition at the well-known Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.  Andy Warhol’s  Exclusive “Cars” series of works of art is now paired with exceptional and rare Mercedes Benz vehicles that are the subject matter of the Pop-Art Icon’s work. Appearing for the first…

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Vacheron Constantin And The Louvre Bring History To Life On the Wrist With Tribute To Great Civilizations Collection

Vacheron Constantin Tribute to Great Civilizations Collection with the Louvre

Standing inside the world famous Louvre in Paris, it’s nearly impossible to take in the depth,  breadth and scope of the art within these walls. From the Greek and Roman sculptures to Leonardo da Vinci‘s Mona Lisa and other famed paintings as well as the Egyptian, Asian and Islamic art, we are immediately reminded of…

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