A look at some luxury categories outside the watch industry that have collectors clamoring, including spirits, wine, cars, art, cigars and more

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Weekend Sojourn: Men’s Accessories Just Got Better thanks to H.L. James

In the fashion world, menswear is booming, and with this development comes the emergence of numerous innovative men’s fashion brands. H.L. James is a new cutting edge collection of men’s luxury accessories handcrafted from the finest genuine American alligator skins, and assembled in Italy. The depth and unique character of the leather is carefully achieved…

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Skull Duggery: Introducing the Edelberg To Be or Not To Be Writing Instrument

By Samantha Walsh With a mission to create unique writing instruments for the world, Eberg, the Swiss luxury pen and accessory manufacturer, unveils its sleek new creation. The pen, aptly named ‘To be or not to be’ draws inspiration from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, featuring an individually, hand-painted melting human skull. This symbolic design is meant to…

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