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A Moment in Time: Baseball’s Hall of Famer, the legendary Reggie Jackson

Born Reginald Martinez Jackson, “Reggie”, nicknamed “Mr. October” for his postseason clutch hitting  with the New York Yankees, is easily one of the most famous former American Major League baseball players. He enjoyed a 21-year career, played for four different teams and accumulated a number of record accomplishments. Reggie Jackson was inducted into the Hall…

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Around the World: Tutima Makes History with First German-made Minute Repeater since Reunification

“There is no present without the past,” Dieter ecate, owner of Tutima, said yesterday as he welcomed guests to his new factory in Glashütte.  After three years of R&D, Tutima proudly revealed something not one industry observer would have expected to see from this predominantly pilot-watch company: a minute repeater that was fully conceived, designed,…

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