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New 2016 MB&F Art Pieces Range from Luminous HMX Black Badger to LM1 Silberstein

It’s been a busy year of new introductions in the “art” family of MB&F.  Two important collaborations have been made and pieces will be seen in stores soon. The first adventure is one between MB&F and “illuminating” partner, James Thompson, founder of Black Badger Advanced Composites in the form of the HMX Black Badger. The second is with famed…

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Introducing Greubel Forsey’s Transparent $1.1 Millon Double Tourbillon 30° Technique Sapphire Watch

We are just going to jump right into this. Yesterday, Greubel Forsey – a brand we have written about often, here  — unveiled a $1.1 million U.S-exclusive watch: the Double Tourbillon 30° Technique Sapphire. Yes, sapphire — making the timepiecea almost totally tranparent and offering an nobstructed view of the movement parts and their interaction. Additionally, the brand — known…

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