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Stripped of its Title: Pluto Was Discovered 84 Years Ago Today; A Look at Astronomy and Time via the SIHH 2014 Exhibit: Horology, a Child of Astronomy

Exactly 84 years ago today, Pluto, long believed to be the  9th planet in our solar system, was discovered at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ, by astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh —although the concept of an unknown 9th planet had been first noted and searched for by Percival Lowell a decade earlier. Then-new photographic techniques…

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Steal this Watch Without Getting Arrested! Montblanc’s new Meisterstück Heritage Perpetual Calendar

When Jerome Lambert to over the helm of Montblanc last year, watch rs who know of his magic at Jaeger-LeCoutlre were expecting big things from Montblanc’s timepiece up. Lambert – and Montblanc – did not disappoint. At SIHH 2014, Montblanc not only unveiled  an all new watch collection – the Meisterstuck Heritage  – celebrating…

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Do We Really Need a Tourbillon from Baume & Mercier? Pondering the Question of the Clifton 1892 Flying Tourbillon

We all know Baume & Mercier as a solid Swiss watch brand – built around the keen premise of quality, affordability and timepieces that reflect heritage while loing to today and tomorrow. Time and again, this brand has brought us tried-and-true products with useful functions and elegant los in the Clifton, Hampton, Classima and Capeland…

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